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The Fifth Vertex is about to be published!

The Fifth Vertex Cover Art

The Fifth Vertex Cover Art

For those of you who have been following the creative half of my schizophrenic personality, I’ve got some big news! I have finished my first fantasy novel and it is about to be published. The cover art is ready, the Kindle file is ready for publishing, I’ve even got some beautiful maps that you can see even before the book is published.

I strongly encourage all of you to take a look at the following links and like the pages so you can get a notification as soon as the book is ready so you can all buy 100 copies of it!

My Facebook author page: Kevin Hoffman
The book Facebook page: The Fifth Vertex
The book series facebook page: The Sigilord Chronicles
My creative-half Twitter account: @kshmusings

Stay tuned for more updates, the book should be published any day now!