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Working on Mac and Windows Interchangeably

My partner in crime at Exclaim Computing showed me a screenshot of something that happened to him recently. Both of us regularly switch back and forth between writing code for iPhone and Windows Phone 7 and both of us use our Macs as often as our Windows PCs. Unfortunately, this leads to a little bit of “bleed-over” from one platform to the other.

In this screenshot, you’ll see that Nate has tried to reset IIS on his box. Unfortunately, he’s made the fatal Windows 7/Vista mistake of opening an unprivileged command prompt. Rather than closing the command prompt and opening a new one with elevated privileges (as sucky as this sounds, this is what you have to do…), he instead tries the Unix command ‘sudo’ to try and reset IIS.

sudo reset IIS

sudo reset IIS

This is funny both because Nate did it and because of  THIS classic XKCD comic.

Let this be a lesson to you kids: Keep your Mac out of your PC 🙂