For those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time (back when I was still actively posting on the “.NET Addict’s Blog”) you know that I often work in bursts. There will be months where I have nearly 2 blog posts every day for the entire month, and then I will go dry for the next month.

Some of this is because I tend to post about what I’m working on. If I happen to be working on something that precludes me from posting publicly about said technology, then my blog will often appear to go silent for a long time. Other times its because I’ve decided that my personal life takes precedence over my ability to blog often enough to keep up my readership and to remain at the forefront of tech blogging.

A couple of years ago, the most important thing to me was in making sure that I was blogging regularly, learning constantly, and generally staying as far ahead of everyone else in the field as I possibly could. Today, these are still important to me, but they are not as important to me as family, friends, and generally enjoying life. I spend less and less time in front of a computer at home lately… with the exception of the project that has kept me busy for the last month or so.

This is the reason for this blog post.. I would like to announce my new book project, “Windows Phone 7 for iPhone Developers”.

Windows phone 7 for iPhone Developers

Windows phone 7 for iPhone Developers

This book, while initially marketed at those iPhone developers seeking to adapt their iPhone skills to the world of Silverlight and WP7, is for any developer looking to build WP7 applications. This includes people who have never written a mobile application before as well as those of you looking to build the same application for both iPhone and WP7 platforms and share as much code as possible.

Once I have the link to the Amazon landing page for “Windows Phone 7 for iPhone Developers” I will post that here.

Additionally, on November 6th, I will be presenting on this topic in a session shockingly entitled “Windows Phone 7 for iPhone Developers” at the Westchester / Fairfield Code Camp at the UConn campus. If you’re in Connecticut that weekend, stop by and get a preview of the contents of the book and hopefully have fun learning about the awesome Windows Phone 7 SDK.

This book is one of many reasons why my blog has been silent for a while lately and I hope the effort I’m putting into this book will pay off and give you and other readers a really educational, fun tour through WP7.