Microsoft today announced that they will be releasing Silverlight for Symbian. For those who don’t know, Symbian is another mobile operating system that runs on devices and smart phones that compete with Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Windows Phone (and upcoming Windows Phone 7), and Android devices among others.

According to various websites, including Nokia, Silverlight will be running on the S60 5th edition phones, including the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini.

What does this mean for developers? If you’re a Silverlight developer, this is fantastic news. This is yet another suite of mobile hardware against which you can target mobile application development. Because it’s Silverlight, the difference in programming paradigm and available tools between the various platforms (web, WP7, Symbian) will be minimal.

I have not personally downloaded the new Silverlight for Symbian development tools, but it sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. If you’re already doing your best to create clear separation of concerns in your applications and you don’t have any layer bleed and you have re-usable, core C# libraries that all of your Silverlight GUIs use, then you should be able to quickly and easily build a Symbian front-end for your Silverlight application.